1) My dog will raise his ______ when he wants a treat. a) jaw b) paw c) pall d) launch 2) She had to go to the dentist when her _____ hurt. a) jaw b) jall c) walk d) talk 3) I need to mow the _______. a) lon b) lawn c) pause d) walk 4) The ______ has a sharp beak. a) jaw b) hok c) lawn d) hawk 5) I love to eat chips with hot ______. a) sauce b) paw c) saws d) pause 6) The rocket will _____ into space very soon. a) walk b) lonch c) talk d) launch 7) Please _____ the movie while I make popcorn. a) pause b) walk c) paw d) talk 8) The storm was the _____ for the fallen tree. a) hawk b) launch c) cause d) pause 9) I enjoy taking my dog for a _______. a) walk b) cause c) wok d) pause 10) Sam can't wait to _____ to Sara about his trip. a) pause b) walk c) talk d) lawn

Unit 5.4 Spelling Words (au/aw/al) Cloze Sentences




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