I appreciate you taking responsibility - praise , Your desk is always crowded and it looks like a mess - criticism, Having you on the team makes a huge difference - praise, How many times do I have to tell you how to do this problem - criticism, I think if you take the garbage out first it will make your job easier - feedback, When do you think you are going to study for the test - question , You are not good at working with others - criticism, Why did you choose a red marker for the project - question , If you set your alarm 10 minutes early you won’t be late to school - feedback, How are you getting to the play on Saturday - question , You’re a real team player - praise, That shirt does not look good - criticism, Nice job on cleaning the bathrooms, next time try to use less paper towels - feedback , Is that a new jacket Fantastic work Fantastic work  - question , Your presentation was not very good - criticism, You’re a great communicator - praise, You must not be getting enough sleep you look tired - criticism, It's so obvious how hard you worked on this hw - praise , Why did you raise your hand in class today - question, Are you asking someone to the dance - question ,

Criticism, Feedback, Question, or Praise




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