debilitation - the process of making sb weak, fade - to become very weak and die, wither - (of plants) to become dry and die, sprout - (of plants) to start growing, desolate - (of a place) empty and lifeless, thrive - to flourish, substitude - sth used instead of its natural equivalent, be barking up the wrong tree - to be following the wrong course of action, beat about the bush - to avoid talking directly about sth rather bad, put down roots - to settle in aplace, have a field day - to have an opportunity to do enjoyable things, usually by critisising sb, emulate - to try to do sth as well as sb else, modular - constructed with parts that provide flexibility and variety in use, fraction - a small part of sth, pasture - a field with grass that farm animals feed on, exacerbate - to make sth worse, irrigation - a man-made supply of water to land for crop production, pay in instalments - to pay for sth in small amounts of money at regular intervals, sustain - to keep sth going, ramification - a consequence, culprit - the cause of a problem, underlie - to be the reason for sth, plague - to cause continuous suffering to sb/sth, delineate - to describe sth in great detail, disband - to cease operating as a group, proliferation - a sudden increase in sth, amplification - the act of making sth louder, light rail - an urban transport system using small trains, unanimity - complete agreement amongst a group, in conjunction with - together with,

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