1) A film about an imaginary world a) Comedies b) Horror c) Fantasy d) Musical/dance films 2) a film in which cartoons are brought to life  a) Action b) Animation c) Adventure d) Romance 3) a film that makes people laugh a) Comedy b) Crime c) Dramas d) Adventure 4) a film where murders and shooting is a typical thing a) Crime b) War films c) Action d) Horror 5) a very scary film a) Drama b) Musical/dance films c) War films d) Horror 6) a film about exciting experiences a) Action b) Comedies c) Adventure d) Dramas 7) a film about a love story a) Romance b) War films c) Comedy d) Action 8) a film about life in space or the fututre a) Crime b) Action c) Science fiction d) Comedies




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