1) Can she swim? a) Yes, she can. b) No, she can't. c) Yes she is. 2) Can he play basketball? a) No, she can. b) No, he can't. c) Yes, he can. 3) Choose the best sentence that fits the picture perfectly. a) They are very happy! because on weekends, they can take their dogs out. b) They are not having a good time. c) The dogs can walk on two paws. d) They are sad because they can't ever take their dogs out. e) The dog at the right is angry. f) They are happy because on weekends they can go out without dogs. 4) Choose the correct sentence. a) The boy can't pilot a plane b) The boy can pilot a plane. c) It can drive a plane. d) The girl can pilot a plane. 5) She is Alyson, she loves the snow, but she ______ ski. a) cen't b) can c) con't d) can't 6) Choose the best sentence that fits the picture. a) William has a service dog because he can't see and he needs her. b) William has a common dog because he can walk her out. c) William can't smell. d) William has a walking stick because he can't walk. 7) What can he play? a) He can plays piano. b) He don't can play piano. c) He can play piano. d) He can play table. 8) Choose the best sentence that fits the picture. a) She isn't count. b) She is an adult that can count. c) She is Elizabeth, she is a toddler and she can count to 10. d) She is Elizabeth, she can solve college equations. 9) Emily loves to hang out but she ____ walk because she uses a wheelchair. a) can b) can't c) isn't d) is 10) What can David do? a) A car. b) An ice cream. c) A backflip. d) A TV program. 11) Can she bake a cake? a) Yes, she can. b) No, he can't c) Yes, she can't d) Cannot. 12) Sponge Bob ____ cook krabby patties a) claim b) kan c) can't d) can 13) Can Patrick and Sponge Bob catch jellyfish? a) Yes, can they. b) Yes, they can. c) Not, they can't d) No they can. 14) Can we take a flight on NASA's rocket? a) No, we're not. b) Yes, we are. c) No, she can't d) Yes, we can




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