1) Which among the elements is the MOST reactive among the elements in the periodic table? a) Francium(Fr) b) Sodium(Na) c) Titanium(Ti) d) Lithium (Li) 2) Which among the elements is the Least reactive ? a) Aluminum(Al) b) Iron(Fe) c) Magnesium(Mg) d) Na 3) Ag is less reactive than Zn a) True b) False c) It might be true d) Cannot be determine 4) Which element group is the most reactive of all the metallic elements? a) Transition metals b) Group 2B c) Alkaline earth metals d) alkali metals 5) Which of the following is arranged according to deceasing reactivity? a) Cs>Na>Li>K b) Cs>K>Na>Li c) Na>Cs>Li>K d) Li>Na>K>Cs




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