1) Have you ever done an intensive course? If not, would you like to? 2) What kind of behaviour do you perceive as childish? 3) What do you think of your home town? 4) Where do you feel most at home? Why? 5) Is it easy for you to differentiate betwee honest and dishonest people? 6) Is there any activity you could do until cows come home? 7) How do you deal with intense heat or cold? 8) How would you feel if one of your friends was eating you out of house and home? 9) Is there any member of your family with whom you get on like a house on fire? 10) Do you tend to take everything but the kitchen sink when you go on holidays? 11) What home comforts do you find the most important? Why? 12) Is there any place, beside your home, where you feel as safe as houses?

Questions with vocabulary from p. 106




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