1) Canada a) French b) Brazilian c) Canadian d) Spanish 2) France a) Italian b) French c) Canadian d) Spanish 3) Turkey a) Brazilian b) Turkish c) British d) German 4) Italy a) German b) Chinese c) Polish d) Italian 5) Germany a) French b) German c) Japanese d) Canadian 6) the UK a) Australian b) British c) Italian d) Turkish 7) Spain a) Spanish b) Australian c) German d) Japanese 8) Brazil a) Japanese b) Australian c) German d) Brazilian 9) Poland a) Turkish b) Chinese c) Spanish d) Polish 10) Japan a) German b) Brazilian c) Polish d) Japanese 11) China a) German b) Japanese c) Chinese d) Turkish 12) Australia a) Australian b) Polish c) British d) Brazilian

Countries and nationalities 6 form




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