Do you like working under pressure?, Do you ever delegate tasks when you get too busy?, Have you ever missed an important social or family event because of work?, Some people say they would like to ‘leave the rat race’. What do you think they mean?, Do you think companies should have policies relating to work-life balance?, Do you think people need to give up work-life balance in order to progress up the corporate ladder?, What can companies do to ensure their staffs have good work-life balance?, Why do you think some people become workaholics?, Do you think it is harder for men or women to achieve a work-life balance? Why?, What do you think contributes to stress in the workplace?, Do you think quality of work performance is linked to quantity of work performance?, What advice would you give someone who had poor work-life balance?, Who do you think is responsible for overwork – the company or the employee?, What would make your place of employment a more enjoyable place to work?.




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