1) Nie wolno rozmawiać when the orchestra is playing. a) You mustn't talk b) You have to talk c) You must talk d) You need to talk 2) What byś zrobił if you saw your favourite rock star? a) have you do b) would you do c) could do d) have done 3) He nie grał the piano since he left school. a) didn't play b) hasn't play c) hasn't played d) don't play 4) I często słucham music in the evenings. a) listen often b) have listened c) am listening d) often listen to 5) I bardzo chciałabym become a musician in a band. a) would love to b) want c) am wanting d) wants 6) I hate ładować i opróżniać the dishwasher. a) load and empty b) loading and emptying c) loaded and emptied d) loading and empting 7) Nie rozumiem what he's talking about. a) I no understand b) I not understand c) I don't understand d) I'm not understanding 8) Do you chcesz iść to the cinema with me? a) want to go b) want going c) wants to go d) wanting to go

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