1) How old are you? 2) Do you have a pet? 3) How is the weather? 4) What do you do in the morning? 5) What do you do at the weekend? 6) What time is it? 7) When is your birthday? 8) What is your favourite season? Why? 9) What sports do you like? 10) What do you like wearing? 11) What do you have for breakfast? 12) How do you get to work? 13) What is your room like? 14) How do you feel today? 15) How was your last vacation? 16) What is your favourite animal? 17) What music do you like? 18) What are your favourite clothes? 19) What movie did you see last? 20) What is the weather ususally like in July? 21) Did you go out last weekend? 22) What are you going to do tomorrow? 23) Why doyou like your birthday? 24) Have you ever jumped with a parachute? Tell me about your experience. 25) What will you do if you see a shark?




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