What would the world be like without the Internet? Could you live without the Internet?, What kind of technology might replace the Internet?, What annoys you about the Internet and technology?, Are you addicted to the Internet?, What do you think of social networking sites like Facebook?, Do you think fingerprints or retina scans are better than ID cards?, What’s the best thing about the Internet? What’s the worst?, Do you think people will prefer to live their lives on the Internet instead of real life?, Is technology a good or a bad thing? What are the dangers of tech progress if any?, What new technology could you not live without?, Do you like using technology to learn?, Do you like buying new devices? Why? / Why not?, What do you think very old people think of modern technology? Do you agree with them?, What do you think is the tomorrow of technology?, Do you think we’ve become obsessed with technology?, What things would you never let technology replace?, Has technology made our lives better than our grandparents’ lives?, Frank Lloyd Wright said: "If it [technology] keeps up, man will waste away all his limbs but the push-button finger." What does this mean? Do you like this quote?, Alan M. Eddison said: "Modern technology... Owes ecology... An apology." What does this mean? Do you agree?, How has technology changed society?, Has technology made us more impatient?, What is artificial intelligence?, Is there a difference between artificial intelligence and robots?, What are the differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence?, How intelligent will artificial intelligence become?, Is it appropriate to give citizenship to AI?, What is AR? How is it different from VR?, Are civil liberties and human rights applicable when we talk about AI?, What are the good things about artificial intelligence? What are the dangers of artificial intelligence?, Would you like to have a robot that would help you at home? At work? What work would you trust it?, Will AI ever control the world?, Will people ever have artificial intelligence as part of their brains?, Will artificial intelligence ever replace the need for humans to work?, What will artificial intelligence be like in 100 years from now?, What movies have you seen about artificial intelligence? Anything to recommend? , Does VR and AR influence our physical and mental health? If yes, in what ways?, Have you ever submerged into VR? Did you enjoy it? Would you wanna do it more? , What is practical application of VR/AR in real life?.

Technology Issues: Internet, AI, AR/VR, etc.




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