1) We’d better not ____ late home from school – we’re visiting Grandma this evening. a) be b) to be c) being 2) I’d love ____ to Kenya on holiday. I’ve never been to Africa. a) go b) to go c) going 3) I can’t wait ____ my new phone – it’s got some fantastic apps! a) get b) to get c) getting 4) Let’s ____ a present for Dad’s birthday. What do you think he would like? a) buy b) to buy c) buying 5) Stephanie’s hoping ____ her Travel and Tourism exam. She worked really hard. a) pass b) to pass c) passing 6) Jo’s learning ____ a tour guide. He wants to work in Spain. a) be b) to be c) being 7) I’ve arranged ____a new website built for my work. a) have b) to have c) having 8) You should ____ your passport is valid before you travel. a) check b) to check c) checking

GPF 1.5 EM 2 ing/ infinitive




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