Who is the main character in the book? Describe him/her. , Was the book the way you had expected? Explain your thoughts. , Which character in the book would you like to be? Explain why. , Does any of the characters remind you of someone you know? Who? In what way?, Would the story be different if it had taken place in another time? For example in the future., Where and when does the story take place? , Give two arguments about why you should read this book., Do you think that the book could be a good movie? Why? Why not? , If you could change one thing in the book- what would you change? , Describe an important place from the book. , Ask one of the characters in the book a question that you want an answer to., Did you dislike any character in the book? Who and why?, What do you think of the beginning of the book? Did it make you want to read more?, Did you like or dislike the ending? Explain your thoughts. , Does the cover of the book fit the story? , If you were able to meet the author of the book - what would you ask him or her?, When you think of the characters in the book - who would you have liked to be your friend? Why?, If you could give the main character in your book some advice, what would you tell him or her?, Do you think this book was well written? Why or why not?, Think about a supporting character in your book. How would the book be different if that character did not exist?, What do you think the author wants you to learn from this story?, What is the main conflict in the story? Can you relate to the main character's conflict or problems? , Explain how the title connects to the story. , If you could insert yourself in the book, what character would you be?, What passage in the book is the most memorable to you? Why?.




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