1) Whose wedding ______ by millions of people all over the world in 2011? a) was watched b) will be watched c) has been watched d) is watched 2) A new swimming pool _______ in our city next week. a) has been opened b) was opened c) is opened d) will be opened 3) Those beautiful poems ________ by my best friend last year. a) have been written b) were written c) are written d) will be written 4) Look! My car is clean. Who has it been washed _____ ? a) by b) for c) to d) with 5) Nowadays, a lot of computers _______ in Asia. a) has been made b) were made c) are made d) will be made 6) I haven't got the parcel. I hope it ____________ next week. a) is delivered b) was delivered c) has been delivered d) will be delivered 7) I'm affraid your watch ___________ yet. Please come again tomorrow. a) wasn't fixed b) hasn't been fixed c) isn't fixed d) will be fixed 8) Two large supermarkets _________ in my city last month. a) have been opened b) will be opened c) were opened d) are opened 9) When _______ THE STARRY NIGHT _________ by Vincent van Gogh? a) has... been painted b) was... painted c) will... be painted d) is... painted 10) At the moment it ___________________ as a popular tourist attraction. a) is being promoted b) was being promoted c) is promoted d) was promoted 11) In 2005 it ____________ as a prison. a) is being used b) was being used c) is used d) was used 12) More should _______ to help developing countries. a) being done b) be done c) been done d) done

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