1) 'You have been away for ten months.You must ...............your family.' said she softly. a) teach b) behave c) swing d) miss 2) The most common symptom of covid 19 is..... a) high temperature b) measles c) acnes d) bleeding 3) How often do you ...........? a) do household chores b) play badminton c) do sports d) skip courses 4) I .......... with him the moment I saw him. a) falls b) fell in love c) to fall in love d) falling 5) feelings of support or duty towards someone or something a) loyalty b) possibility c) beauty d) party 6) to be extremely happy and excited a) to feel upset b) to  be miserable c) to be on cloud nine d) to be in a hurry 7) The city has been on ............No one is allowed to leave . a) lockdown b) prison c) disease d) fever 8) If you want to get high scores in the exams,you must .........regulary. a) water the plants b) hang out with friends c) play online games d) attend online classes 9) The married ......... living next door argued  last night. a) court b) couple c) courage d) cage 10) eternal a) endless b) mortal c) temporary d) already 11) passion a) anxiety b) fear of something c) strong feeling or desire d) calmness 12) A .......... is the worldwide spread of a new disease. a) hygiene b) mask c) hearth attack d) pandemic 13) What do you do in your free time? a) go jogging b) travel abroad c) ski d) do camping 14) very great sadness and emotional suffering a) goodhearted b) hearthbreak c) joyfulness d) jealousy 15) After ........... in her room for hours,she felt sleepy and decided to go to bed early. a) riding horse b) driving to work c) doing homework d) jogging in the forest 16) a measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous, unpleasant, or inconvenient from happening. a) motivation b) operation c) precaution d) graduation 17) Because of the new teacher,the children are happier and have a greater sense of .............. a) confidence b) fear c) jealous d) anger 18) ..................during the covid 19 pandemic protects you from the disease. a) throwing party b) meeting friends c) wearing mask d) drink coffee and cola 19) Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of worry or nervousness a) b) c) d)

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