Too many people around the world live in extreme ______ (poor)., When did he become ______ (fame)?, I'm dying form _____ (hungry), I could eat a horse., She is looking in the mirror to admire her ______ (beautiful)., No one would have expected of a grown man such a _______ (child) behaviour., What is the most __________ (danger) sport in the world?, His unbelievable ______ (strong) is astonishing. He can lift a car., What is the _____ (long) and the _____ (wide) of the new swimming - pool in town?, She's such a brilliant and incredibly ______ (creativity) person., To be ______ (health) you need to keep fit and watch your diet., The ______ (economy) situation in our country is getting worse and worse., Although his car is quite old, it is very ______ (economy)., They took part in a ______ (peace) demonstration., It was supposed to be ______ (harm) fun but it all ended up in a disaster., The first computers were considered great ________ (technology) advances., It is important for health care to be ______ (access) to everyone., Wolves, elephants and gorillas are some of the ______ (danger) species..

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