1) Ronnie and Stefanie _______ before the party. a) didn't met b) hadn’t met c) don't met 2) He _____ to call her.  a) has forgot b) forgot c) had forgotten 3) I _____ shopping after I had completed the task. I am singing at church today. a) went b) go c) had gone 4) I _______ singing at church today. a) will be b) am singing c) would be 5) Tom and I ____ table tennis when you called. a) were playing  b) played c) was playing 6) I have been in london___ two weeks a) since b) for c) from 7) She _____ going to the game tonight. a) would be b) will be c) is not 8) I _____ a German beer yesterday. a) was drinking b) has been drinking c) drank 9) He always ____ to bed early. a) goes  b) went c) has gone 10) I ______ english for five years. a) have studied b) has studied c) studied 11) Sofia_____three miles a day before she broke her leg. a) has been walking b) had been walking c) walked 12) When the fire started I ______ television. a) has been watching b) was watching c) were watching 13) I ______my sister before she went to Mexico a) visited b) has visited  c) had visited 14) You ____ win the competition!! a) are going to b) will c) would 15) ____ you open the door, please? a) will b) can c) would 16) ___over an hour a) for b) from  c) since  17) I_____ going to NYC next friday a) will b) am going to c) was 18) I dropped my keys ___I left my apartment. a) when b) before c) as 19) John has been working at the bank ___ 2003 a) since b) for c) from 20) _____ been feeling ok lately? a) did you b) have you been c) are you

TENSES QUIZ by: Olivia.L, Candelaria SV, Eugenia.Y y Maria Tesan.




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