1) 3 things you love about your mother  2) What is something your mother always says to you? 3) What makes your mother happy? 4) What is your mother really good at? 5) What is your mother's favorite food? 6) What do you and your mother do together? 7) How are you and your mother the same? 8) Where is your mother's favorite place to go? 9) What is your wish for your mother? 10) what makes you proud of your mother? 11) list some special things about your mother 12) what is the yummiest thing your mother cooks? 13) something weird your mother does 14) what makes your mother smile 15) what makes your mother sad 16) your best memory with your mother 17) when does your mother feel worried 18) if you could change one thing about your mother what would it be  19) do you tell your mother all of your secrets 20) what does your mother mean to you 21) what is your mother scared of? 22) what was the last present you gave to your mother 23) have you ever forgotten your mother's birthday? 24) the time you thanked your mother the most  25) the last time you hugged your mother

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