1) What verb form of DO is used in Past Perfect a) does b) did c) doing d) done 2) When I came home, mum ..... dinner a) cooking b) cooked c) was cooking d) were coiking 3) Whet were you doing when I .... home? a) come b) comming c) comed d) came 4) The girl ... home,.... dinner and .... her homework. a) came,had,did b) comed,had,did c) came,have,did d) came,had,done 5) He .... his homework,when the guests finally arrived. a) had done already b) have already done c) had already done d) had already donne 6) When we ..... to the station,there were lots of people on the platform. a) arrive b) arrived c) arriven d) arriving 7) They .... their tickets and ..... the coach. a) buyed,got on b) bought,get on c) bought,got on d) buying, getting on 8) As we .....the house, I ..... that I ..... my phone at home. a) were leaving, realized,have left b) were leaving, realized,had left c) was leaving,realized, had lived d) were living,realized, had left

Past Simple,Past Continuous,Past Perfect




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