Word Painting - Using the direction of the musical line or the articulation within the music to emphasise the words., Terraced Dynamics - Moving the volume together as a group - ie all getting loud then contrasting and all being soft., Polyphonic - Several layers of music heard at once., Contrapuntal - Music that is multi-layered but weaves amongst itself., Homophonic - Fairly chordal - moving as a group, Concerto - A soloist with an accompanying group, Concerto Grosso - A concertino with a ripieno and basso continuo, Fugal - a series of entries in different instruments helping to create layers., Trills, mordents and grace notes - Ornamentation - like an apoggiatura, Basso Continuo - Important bass line, often played by the harpsichord, cello or bass viol, Ripieno - Supporting group of instruments within a concerto grosso, Concertino - The group of small soloists,




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