P2- APPEAL MUSSOLINI- part 1- Mussolini the journalist PEA: While socio-economic factors were extremely important in creating the conditions for a party like the PNF to become popular, it was really the appeal of Mussolini’s message that explains why he came into power., Mussolini was a prominent public figure as a journalist and editor of newspapers such as Il Popolo d'Italia., This meant that he was already a master of propaganda and knew how to use his newspaper to convey his ideas., Part 2- Mussolini the talented speaker EAA+: At rallies, Mussolini caught the imagination of the crowds with his charismatic oratory, and with his adoption of the title ‘Duce’, he created a cult of personality., Mussolini’s great showmanship made him a well known public figure and his ability to convince people across social classes was a key reason for his rapid rise to power, However, his style often attracted ridicule, and he was mocked in the left wing press as a pompous character, which caused many people to underestimate the threat he posed to democracy., Part 3- Appeal of fascism- a flexible ideology appealing to all- EEAA+: Mussolini also adapted and changed his policies to fit with the popular opinion., He appealed to businesses by offering to protect them from communism, to the unemployed by offering them jobs, to the middle class with economic stability and social mobility, to workers and farmers with a promise of higher income., This gave Fascism the support of powerful groups, especially the financial muscle of big business which bankrolled the party and its propaganda., However, the violence of the Squadristi alienated many supporters, and was not only embarrassing to Mussolini, but damaged relations with potential supporters, including the Church.,





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