Jump 12 times (double feet), Pull 10 shuttles, Open and close your arms 15 times (standing), Jump back and forth double feet 10 times, Run for 30 seconds where you are, Pull 10 push-ups, 15 times on the chair sit down and get up, Do 30 second squat, Jump 10 times on one leg, Pull on one foot knee and stop for 15 seconds, Stand upright. And bend over your toes ten times, Lie on your side. Open and close your legs 10 times, Do the plank movement for 20 seconds, Do two somersaults, Lie on the floor. And make pedaling motion(10 times), Turn around the chair (10 rounds), Dance for 10 seconds, Take a ball in your hand. And turn it around your body 5 times, Move your arms back and forth 10 times, Extend your arms forward. Crouch up and get up10 times.

SPORT and HEALTH #Exercise and stay healthy




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