Picturesque - beautiful scenery, Anglers - People who fish with a rod and line, Co-educational - Males & females educated together, Bequeathed - Leave something in a will, Sustainable - Able to be maintained at a certain level, Animal husbandry - Branch of agriculture associated with animals raised for meat, fibre, milk, eggs or other products, Horticulture - The agriculture of plants, Ethical business practices - Upholding society norms as a business, Co-operative - A member-owned business, Teagasc - A state agency providing education in farming, Allotment - A plot of land rented for growing veg or plants, Viability - Able to survive long-term, Foroige - Youth development organisation, Advocate - A supporter for a certain decision, Yurts - A portable round tent used for glamping, Agriculture  - The farming & crop sector, Men's shed - A community based project where men come together to share skills, Local Development Group - A group dedicated to improving the local area over time, Local enterprises - Businesses that operate in a locality, Designated land - Land assigned for a particular use,

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