1) What we haven't used the most this year? a) mask b) glove c) school bag d) disinfectant 2) What should we wash our hands with? a) soap b) really? c) select option a d) come on 3) What is the name of the project? a) Dig E-nglish b) DIG E-NGLISH c) Dig Englishh d) Dig E-nglish project team 4) Are you washing your hands? a) yess everytime b) noo c) no d) nooooooooooo e) NOOOO f) NOOOOOOOOOO 5) do you like this project? a) yes b) yees c) yeees d) yeeeees e) yeeeeeeeees f) I LIKE THIS PROJET(this right) 6) Do you like cleaning?(you must love because CORONAA) a) yes(this right) b) noo c) I dont know 7) online or at school a) online b) at school(its very good) 8) ARE YOU HAPPY in project? a) yes b) no 9) I am so tired bye a) : | b) okay good bye




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