1) What's the movie about? a) A successful stand -up comedian . b) A doctor that causes suspense in our lives. c) A comedian whose career failed. d) A very sensible stand- up comedian. e) Joker is the English title and it is a documentary 2) Anne with an E is ... a) suspense b) action c) a romantic series d) drama e) documentary 3) The Great Hack is  a) a romantic story b) a documentary c) a thriller d) a comedy e) a drama 4) One of us is lying is a) a drama b) romantic story c) a comedy d) a documentary e) a mystery thriller 5) French Exit is the story of a) a rich self-indulgent widow who leaves to Paris. b) a poor widow whose dog joins her journey to Paris. c) a widower who goes to Spain. d) a man who leaves New York and moves to Toronto. e) a little girl and her cat.




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