Last week he got a phone call from his father, ____ he hadn't spoken to in years. When I left they threw me a party, ____ was a complete surprise. he Javan tiger, ____ habitat was largely destroyed by humans, is now extinct. The hostel, ____ we've stayed at several times, is simple but clean. I sometimes go and study in my local park, ____ I can get some fresh air. Winter, ____ temperatures are lower, sees higher rainfall. They went to a concert at the new arena, ____ was built last year. London, ____ is the capital of England, is one of the largest cities in the world. ueen Elizabeth II, ____ is 83, has been the queen of England for 57 years now. Greg, ____ job involves travelling a lot, has been in nearly all the countries in the world. Galileo Galilei, ____ suppported the heliocentric theory, was arrested by the Inquisition. He didn't even say "thank you", ____ I found really rude.

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