1) When is Wiliam Shakespeare born ? a) in 1590 b) In 1564 c) 1600 2) Where is he born ? a) In Stratford-Upon-Avon,England b) in U.S.A. c) in North America 3) What is his job ? a) an actor b) a writer and an actor c) a teacher 4) Who does he marry ? a) Anne Hemingway b) Anne Hathaway c) Anne Henry 5) How many children do they have ? a) two b) three c) four 6) What does he help build ? a) He helps build a park b) He helps build a school c) He helps build a theatre 7) Why does the theatre close ? a) Because of Covid 19 b) Because of a plague c) because of pandemic 8) What is the name of the Theatre ? a) The Globe b) Alberdi c) Colon 9) What dos he write ? a) Plays, poetry b) stories c) fables 10) When does he die ? a) on April 1st 1616 b) on April 23rd 1616 c) on April 3rd 16 16

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