count on sb - You can ... Sandra, she is very reliable., get together - Why don't we all ... and watch a movie?, speak up - Please ... . I can't hear you., let sb down - Pat is my best friend, she ... never ... me ... ., leave sb alone - I wanted to help her but she told me to ... her ... ., come from - My mothes ... a little village in the south of England., come back - Images from that film keep .... to me., pop up - He is one of those celebrities who ... everywhere., end up - I fell asleep on the bus and ... at the bus depot., come across - I ... some old photographs in the attic., grow up - She ... in an atmosphere of love and support., move in - That's my new neighbour, Blake. He's just ... ., stand up - ... and come to the blackboard!, turn sth on - ... the tv, the game starts in a few minutes., look after - After his parents died in a car crash, John had to ... his little brother., show sb round - The host ... his guests ... the city., go away - My husband often ... on business., look like sb/sth - My twin brother ... exactly ... me., check sth out - You can ... it ... on the Internet., check in - You should ... two hours before the flight.,

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