1) Everyone was so shy but then Erick came and ____________ . a) broke the ice b) was in two minds c) put his feet in it d) let his hair down 2) I'm so tired of ___________ . My eery day is the same and revolves round my work and household duities. a) this piece of cake b) this rat race c) this cup of tea 3) Oh no! It seems to me we ________________ . The boss is very angry. a) are working against the clock b) are in two minds c) are in hot water d) let out hair down 4) Damn it! I got the wrong date. I always ____________________ . a) put mu feet in it b) work against the clock c) break the ice d) go windowshopping 5) I'm not sure I'll like it. _________________________. a) It's a piece of cake b) I'm in hot water  c) I'm in two minds d) It's not my cup of tea 6) The deadline is coming! We need to ___________________. a) break the ice b) work against the clock c) run out of time d) put our feet in it 7) I've got an excellent mark. The task was __________ . a) in hot water b) a rat race  c) a piece of cake d) not my cup of tea 8) Its hard to make a decision for me. I don't know what to choose. I ___________ . a) let my hair down b) am in two minds c) am going windowshopping d) working against the clock 9) Relax! You've been working too hard. Just ___________________ . a) let you hair down b) eat a piece of cake c) put your feet in it d) run out of time 10) The car isn't broken down. We've just __________________ . a) broken the ice  b) run out of petrol c) been in hot water d) put our feet in it




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