A self-catering apartment: It's like a home from home, You get more privacy than you do in a hotel, You have to do al the cooking yourself, which could be seen as + or -, You can't order room service, You have to do all the shopping and washing-up yourself, A posh hotel: You get excellent service and facilities are usually great, It can be very expensive, Sometimes it can be overpriced, A camper van: You are free to travel around, You can park and sleep in lovely bits of countryside, It's a bit cramped, It can get a bit cold in certain climates, A tent: You are close to nature, It's great for kids, It can be a nightmare to put the tent up on occasion, A youth hostel: It's great if you're young, don't have much money, and don't mind sharing a room, You have to share. You might worry about people stealing your stuff, It might have narrow, uncomfortable beds, A bed and breakfast: It's family run ( which could be good or bad, of course), Because you're basically staying in someone's house, you often have to keep quiet, There's sometimes a curfew - a time by which you have to be back in the house,

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