deltoid - large, triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint that allows arm to extend outward and to side of body, deoxyribonucleic acid - blueprint material of genetic information, depressor anguli oris - muscle extending alongside the chin that pulls down the corner of the mouth, diaphragm - muscular wall that separates the thorax from the abdominal region and helps control breathing, digestion - breakdown of food by mechanical and chemical means, digestive enzymes - chemicals that change certain kinds of food into a form that can be used by the body, digital nerve - sensory-motor nerve that, with its branches, supplies impulses to the fingers, ductless glands - glands that release secretions called hormones directly into the bloodstream, eleventh cranial nerve - accessory nerve; a motor nerve that controls the motion of the neck and shoulder blades, endocrine glands - releases secretions called hormones directly into the bloodstream, enzymes - a group of complex proteins produced by living cells that act as catalysts in specific chemical reactions, epicranial aponeurosis - a tendon connecting the occipitalis and the frontalis, epicranius - a broad muscle that covers the top of the skull and includes the occipitalis and frontalis, epithelial tissue - protective covering on body surfaces such as the skin, mucous membranes, and lining of the heart; digestive and respiratory organs and glands, ethmoid bone - light, spongy bone between the eye sockets that forms part of the nasal cavities, excretory system - group of organs (kidneys, liver, skin, large intestine, lungs) that purify the body by elimination of waste, exhalation - expelling carbon dioxide from lungs, exocrine glands - produce a substance that travels through small tubelike ducts. Sweat and oil glands., extension - when muscles straighten. when the wrist, hand, and fingers from a straight line, external jugular vein - vein located on the side of the neck that carries blood returning to the heart from the head, face, and neck, facial nerve - chief motor nerve of the face, fifth cranial nerve - chief sensory nerve of the face; serves as the motor nerve of the muscles that control chewing.,

Chapter 2 Vocab 3




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