Does it make your blood boil the greasy ____ from pouring hot oil ? Those globs of ____ that burn and bake, ruin your ____ ? Introducing the ingenious easy pour no ____ spout ! Easy Pour is a removable spout that easily attaches to ____, pans, bowls and ____ containers. It ____ high temperatures so you can even ____ hot bacon grease cleanly and mess-free ! Attach it to your mixing bowl and pour perfect muffins and cupcakes that everyone will love. The design is so unique the Easy Pour No Drip Spout has been awarded a United States Patent. A snap to attach : Simply slip it on the rim and push down to secure. No more ladling pasta sauce across your ____ ! Now just pour it from the pot onto the pasta ! Same with gravy from the pan to the gravy boat without a mess. Save your soup. With Easy Pour you won't lose a drop ! ____ grease down your sink can ____ your drain and cost you money

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