1) The students in Form VII A ..... to play videogames.  a) likes b) doesn't like c) like 2) Miss Ale .............. in 1994. a) was born b) born c) wasn't born 3) Miss Ale ...... at Sunrise School since 2017. a) have worked b) has been working c) have been working 4) When the Form VII A students arrived at school, the teacher ..... the computer.  a) had turned on b) turns on c) has turned on 5) The Form VII A students ... their Google Site last week.  a) created b) had created c) create 6) I'm not sure what I ___________ this Wednesday. a) do b) going to do c) am going to do 7) Most of the students in Form VII A _____________ each other since Kinder.  a) have known b) has known c) have knew 8) Where __________ Miss Ale _______? a) were / borned b) was / born c) was / borned 9) When I was 3 years old, I ________ speak in English. a) can b) couldn't c) can't 10) Miss Ale _____ never _______ a person from Australia.  a) has / met b) has / meet c) hasn't / met

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