1) He usually ... to school by bus. a) goes b) is going c) went 2) Yesterday morning I ....early. a) getting up b) has got up c) got up 3) What ...... now? a) is Peter doing b) does Peter do c) was Peter doing 4) Please don’t make so much noise. I ... a) was studying b) am studying c) studied 5) .... out last night? a) Have you gone b) Did you go c) Are you going 6) New York ... one of the largest cities in the world. a) is b) be c) does 7) It ... now. a) is raining b) was raining c) rained 8) We ....a lot of things last Sunday. a) does b) did c) are doing 9) They … this house next summer. a) built b) build c) will build 10) Tom ... tennis when Ann called him. a) was playing b) played c) plays




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