Correct: She does yoga., She takes a quick shower., She makes breakfast., She has an avocado toast and a coffee with milk., She takes a bus to go to the center., She starts work at 9:30., She finishes working at 2 p.m., For lunch, she usually goes to the cafeteria., She takes a bicycle to go to the university., In the evening after classes, she goes to the gym or goes out with her friends., Before sleeping, she reads a book., Incorrect: She goes running., She takes a long shower., She buys breakfast., She has an omelette and a coffee., She drives her car to go center., She starts studying at 9:30., Finish work at 6 p.m., For lunch, she usually goes to her mother's house., She takes a taxi to go to college., At night, after classes, she goes for a walk., Before sleeping, she exercises.,




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