1) Cooperation- You have been assigned to work on a project and you don't like two of the group members 2) Trust-You lied to a friend and now you want the friendship back and want to regain trust and faith 3) Inclusion- A special needs person is sitting alone in class. This person always seems to be left out 4) Caring- Your friend didn't get the job and you did. Your friend is very upset.  5) Courage- You just saw a good friend sneak into another person's lunch and take their food.  6) Empathetic-You and your friend auditioned for the lead role in the play, you got it and your friend is upset and jealous 7) Honesty- You copied from your classmate. The teacher is blaming your classmate for cheating  8) Inclusive- A new student talks with an accent and some students laugh at the new student's accent 9) Loyalty-You accepted an invitation to hangout for Saturday afternoon. Now another friend has invited you to go swimming and you would prefer to go swimming 10) Caring- During a presentation, you notice that one of the students in your class doesn't have either of his parents there to watch, everyone else does. 11) Responsibility- You took money from your friends wallet and your friend is really upset with you 12) Empathy- A student in your class was eating a big lunch, some of the other students began teasing and calling the student fatty. 




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