1) Who is the narrator of 'The Lovely Bones'? a) Susie Salmon b) Franny c) Mr Harvey d) nobody - it has a general narrator. 2) What type of narration does the lovely bones display? a) First person b) Second person c) Third person d) All the people 3) Where does 'The Lovely Bones' take place? a) It is never clear. b) in a suburban area c) On a ship d) In an inner city 4) Who is Lindsay? a) Mr Harvey's sister b) The narrator. c) Susie Salmon's sister. d) Mr. Harvey's wife. 5) What item did Mr Harvey offer Susie to make her more comfortable in his secret room? a) A soda b) A colouring book c) A stuffed animal d) a yo-yo 6) Who is Franny? a) Susie's mother. b) Susie's imaginary friend. c) Her councilor in heaven. d) Susie's sister. e) Her pet tortoise. 7) What does Susie's father do when he finds out Harvey is the killer? a) Shouts at him. b) He kills him. c) He attacks him but is stopped. d) He hands him into the police. 8) What genre is The Lovely Bones? a) Romance b) Horror  c) Supernatural thriller drama d) crime e) comedy 9) Who is Ray? a) Susie's dad's best friend. b) The postman c) The gardener d) Susie's dog. e) Susie's maths teacher f) The boy Susie has a crush on. 10) What is the profession Susie dreams of having? a) Actress b) Photographer c) lion tamer d) swimming teacher




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