1) Mike took his dog for a walk in the park.  They played frisbee and then went home. Where did Mike take his dog? a)  zoo b) park c) beach 2) Max was so excited it was his birthday.  He was meeting his friends at the bowling alley for a party. Where was the party? a) Bowling Alley b) His house c) The park 3) Tom went to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes.  Then he met his mom for lunch at Wendy's.  What did Tom buy at the mall? a) mom b) shirt c) shoes 4) After school, Sam went over her friend Lea's house to play Barbies.  When they were done they rode their bikes outside.  Who played Barbies? a) rode bikes b) Sam and Lea c) Barbies 5) Lyniah was so hungry for dinner.  Her mom made her pizza and French fries.  Who made dinner? a) pizza b) Lyniah c) Lyniah's mom 6) Bella and Lyniah went to the park after school.  They played on the slide and went on the swings.  They were having so much fun when suddenly, it started to rain and they had to run home.  Why did they leave the park? a) it was raining b) they were tired c) it was late

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