1) My sister has_______a new bicycle. a) have got b) has got c) got 2) William _______________computer games in the evening. a) play b) playing c) plays 3) Isabel _________ to school. a) don´t walk b) not walk c) doesn´t walk 4) What are you ___________ on Sunday night? a) doing b) do c) does 5) Why is the radio on? ___________ there´s a football match. a) Why b) Because c) Then 6) She __________ sweets. a) must eat not b) mustn´t eats c) mustn´t eat 7) They ___________ in Paris in 2008. a) live b) lived c) lives 8) ____________ playing tennis with Ben tomorrow afternoon. a) I´m b) Am c) I do 9) _____________ juggle three balls? a) Do you can b) Can you c) You can 10) _____________ they at home last night? a) Was b) Were c) Are

Kvíz Unit 3 - Your space 2




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