1) fresh fruits and vegetables a) friendless b) produce c) hollered d) exception 2) A person that speaks publicly about religious subjects in a Christian church a) preacher b) recall c) croak d) stray 3) To speak in a loud voice, to yell a) croak b) peculiar c) hollered d) produce 4) lost, or having no home a) trustworthy b) croak c) stray d) friendless 5) a home that can attach to a vehicle a) preacher b) installment c) trailer d) exception 6) to make the deep, harsh sound that a frog makes a) croak b) installment c) hollered d) friendless 7) a feeling that you are more important or better than other people a) hollered b) recall c) prideful d) friendless 8) able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right : deserving of trust a) installment b) twitch c) croak d) trustworthy 9) any one of a series of small payments that you make over a long time until you have paid the total cost of something a) installment b) trailer c) peculiar d) friendless 10) not having any friends, lonely a) friendless b) prideful c) relieved d) peculiar 11) to remember (something) from the past a) recall b) croak c) preacher d) peculiar 12) not usual or normal a) twitch b) prideful c) hollered d) peculiar 13) to make a slight, sudden movement that is not controlled or deliberate a) hollered b) trustworthy c) twitch d) relieved 14) feeling relaxed and happy because something difficult or unpleasant has been stopped, avoided, or made easier : feeling relieved a) recall b) relieved c) preacher d) twitch 15) someone or something that is different from others : someone or something that is not included a) exception b) friendless c) stray d) relieved

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