I can't sleep at night., I am a shopaholic. I can't stop buying clothes., My dog distroyed my homework., I'm addicted to playing videogames., I have a terrible memory. I forget absolutely everything., I have an exam tomorrow and I can't remember the topic., I have lost my best friend's textbook., My dog won't stop barking., I left my phone on the bus., I ate at a restaurant but I left my wallet at home., I damaged my sister's favourite dress by accident., I think there is a ghost in my house., I want to improve my English pronunciation., My friend has told lies about me and I am angry., I forgot my best friend's birthday., I want to meet people from different countries, but I don't know how., I fell in love with my best friend's boyfriend., I want to learn to dance., My friends are coming over for dinner but I can't cook., I want to be famous., I want to make some new friends., I'm always late for school., My friends say I have no fashion sense., I don't have many friends., I often feel tired., I don't like school or studying., I need to change my diet but I don't know how., My parents won't let me wear make up but I love wearing it., I got a bad mark in my maths exam., A group of girls bully me on social media., I have a bad headache, I want to go on holiday. Where should I go?, I need to buy a gift for my mother but I have no idea what to buy., I need more money for my holiday., What’s the best way to get to the city centre from here?, I have nearly finished school but I don't know what to do next., I have to stop smoking but it's so difficult to stop., I had an arguement with my parents but I know I was right..

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