1) The Protestant Reformation initially tried just to reform the Catholic Church. a) True b) False 2) What did Martin Luther nail to the doors of Wittenberg Cathedral? a) the pope's hat b) 90 Thesis c) 95 Thesis d) Advertisement for a job 3) What was the most stable, dependable, and wealthy institution in Europe during the Dark Ages? a) Feudalism b) Protestant Church c) Orthodox Church d) Catholic Church e) Protestant Church 4) What was the central problem of the Catholic Church at the beginning of the Renaissance? a) People did not want to go to church b) It had become corrupt c) It did not have enough money d) It had become too strict 5) What is an Indulgence? a) paying money for forgiveness b) having faith c) doing good works d) praying to get into heaven   6) A Heretic is: a) Someone who believes everything the Pope says b) Someone who disagrees with the Catholic Church's teachings c) Someone who becomes a saint d) Someone who joins the Catholic Church 7) Who created the printing press? a) Filippo Brunelleschi b) Leonardo da Vinci c) Titian d) Johann Gutenberg 8) In 1455, Gutenberg produced what is considered to be the first book ever printed. What was it? a) The Prince b) Don Quixote c) A Latin language bible d) Romeo and Juliet 9) Why did Martin Luther nail the 95 Thesis to the church doors? a) He was looking for other monks to help him writea bible. b) He was upset by the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church 10) Where was Johnann Gutenberg from? a) Italy b) France c) Germany d) Spain 11) What is a papal bull? a) an animal with horns b) a letter from Martin Luther c) an indulgence d) an official document from the pope 12) In chapter 1, it talks about the printing press process. What were books copied into? a) walls b) notebooks c) parchment d) trees 13) What does the word literacy mean? a) the ability to fly b) the ability to do well in math c) the ability to breath underwater d) the ability to read and write

The Reformation: Shifts in Power




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