1) You feel that you can do things well, you are ______ a) self-sufficient b) self- conscious c) self-taught d) self-confident 2) You don´t need help from others, you are _____ a) self-centered  b) self-sufficient  c) self-conscious  d) self-confident  3) You don´t like people looking at you, you are ______ a) self-confident b) self-sufficient c) self-centered d) self-conscious 4) You learned somethings without a teacher, you are ______ a) self-centered b) self-sufficient c) self-confident d) self-taught  5) You only think about what you want, you are ____________ a) self-centered b) self-taught c) self-confident d) self-sufficient 6) If you always do the things you need to do, you have ___________ a) self-control  b) self-esteem  c) self-discipline d) self-pity  7) If you can stay calm in stressful situations, you have __________ a) self-esteem b) self-control c) self-pity d) self-discipline 8) If you value yourself, you have high ____________ a) self-esteem b) self-pity c) self-control d) self-discipline 9) If you always feel that your situation is worse than others, you feel ___________ a) self-control b) self-esteem c) self-discipline d) self-pity 10) If you practice ______, you can defend yourself from attack.  a) self-pity b) self-control c) self-defense d) self-esteem

Go Beyond 3 - Unit 9 - page 98




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