Accomodations: Change in classroom, preferential seating, physical arrangement of the room, reducing/minimizing distractions, cooling off period, sign language interpreter, Extended time, frequent breaks, varying of activities, Emphasizing teaching approach (visual, auditory, multi-sensory), individual/small group, taping, demonstrating/modeling, visual cues, manipulatives, pre-teaching, organizers , Taping texts, highlighting material, note taking assistance, notes provided by teacher , calculator, computer, word processor, Braille, large print, Directions given in small, sequential steps, copying from book/ paper, length of assignment shortened, format of assignment, Positive reinforcement, concrete reinforcement, checking for understanding, study guides, before/after school tutoring, Reading test verbatim, shortening length of test, test format changed (multiple choice vs. fill in the blank), Modifications: Presentation of the curriculum is modified using a specialized curriculum which is written at a lower level of understanding., Materials are adapted, texts are simplified by modifying the content areas—simplifying vocabulary, concepts and principals., Grading is subject to different standards than general education, such as basing on IEP goals., Assignments are changed using lower level reading levels, worksheets and simplified vocabulary., Testing Adaptations are used, such as lowering the reading level of the test.,

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