Ubiquitous (adj) - Seeming to be anywhere. Pervasive, everywhere., To scam (verb) - To deceive and defraud (someone)., Prone (adj) - Having a tendency or inclination. Being likely., Trait (noun) - A distinguishing quality., To gun for (verb) - To aim at or go after with determination or effort., Indeed (adv) - Without any question. Truly, Undeniable., Outlook (noun) - The prospect for the future., To backfire (verb) - (of a plan) To have the opposite result from the one you intended., Jumble (noun) - A mass of things mingled together without order or plan/a state of confusion., To seep (verb) - To flow or pass slowly through fine pores or small openings., To live up (verb) - To be as good as something., Platitude (noun) - A banal, trite, or stale remark., Actual (adj) - Existing in fact or reality.,

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