1) what is the best way to prevent air pollution  a) cutting down trees  b) use the car to go to work everyday  c) use renewable energies  2) How to take action against land pollution? a) Build more industrial emissions b) follow the 3 “R’S” c) Use a lot of plastic bags 3) How to save water and energy to protect our environment ? a) Leave the tap running when we don’t need water b) Turn the lights off when we leave the room  c)  Use cars for short distances 4) How to protect the earth ? a) plant trees  b) Hunt animals c) Do not recycle litter   5) How to protect our environment from the air pollution? a) Using the solar energy that reduces the use of coal and petroleums and as a result decreases the air pollution. b) Using chemical products that effects our atmosphere c) building factories and usines 6) How to protect our planet from pollution ? a) Throw the trash on the streets b) Throw plastic products in the trash c) Destroy the public properties 7) How to protect the air from pollution ? a) Burn the fossil fuels b) Build more industrial emissions c) Avoid burning leaves , trash , trees ,... 8) How to reduce drift? a) Plant trees  b) Don't use drift retardants c) Do not recycle litter 9) How can we treat people to protect the earth a) Force people to not throw the trash out and yell at them or hurt them b) Awernessing people with the danger of polluting the planet with kindness c) Jail the people hwo pollute the enviroment and make them pay so much money 10) what is the cause of floods? a) reduce recycle and reuse b) atmospheric conditions c) using chimical products that effects our atmosphere 11) How to protect the environment from pollution ? a) *Use vehicules too much. b) *Plant more trees. c) *Don’t recycle. 12) How can we save trees?? a) cuting trees to build cities or houses b) watering trees and plantes everyday c) cracking the tree's branches and leaves 13) what are the solutions to protect our earth? a) stop hunting endangered animals  b) throw garbage everywhere c) cutting trees to build industrial emissions  14) How to protect our environment? a) Tear off trees and plants. b) Send chemicals into our motorways. c) Reduce, reuse and recycle. Cut down on what you throw. 15) how to protect aquatic animals a) Dependence on people's awareness b) Throw litter in the sea c) Pour oils into the sea 16) How can we save our environment from air pollution ? a) Riding a bike or walking instead of driving. b) Smoking. c) Using cars usually. 17) How to protect our enviroment from the sea pollution.  a) Clean the beach before leaving it. b) Put waste and garbages in the beach. c) Throw plastic bags in the sea. 18) How do we protect our environment from pollution ? a) Carrying out cleaning and afforestation campaigns b) Littering on the street c) Establishing factories next to populated cities 19) How to protect endangered animals ? a) Burning forests b) overfishing c) Providing a suitable environment for animals such as reserves 20) Comment protéger la couche d'ozone ? a) Ne pas éviter la consommation de gaz dangereux pour la couche d'ozone. b) Minimisez l'utilisation des voitures.   c) Utilisez des produits de nettoyage nocifs pour l'environnement et pour nous. 21) How to protect the civilian environment from toxic gases? a) Build factories away from residential areas b) Leave cleaning car exhausts c) Cutting down the trees randomly

protéger l'environnement




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