1) Do you think your country is a safe place to live in? Why? 2) What are the worst social problems in Poland now? Why? 3) Would you like to become a politician? Why? 4) Why do young people commit crimes? 5) What crimes will increase in the future? 6) How can individuals help poor people? 7) Is unemployment a big problem in Poland? What are the causes of it? 8) Should smoking be banned everywhere except smokers' houses? 9) Describe the time when you or someone you know was a witness of a crime 10) Is homelessness a big problem in your area? What can be done to help those people? 11) Is community service a suitable punishment for young offenders? 12) Would you like to become a politician? 13) How should criminals be punished? 14) Describe when you or someone else worked for the charity.

Państwo i społeczeństwo - speaking





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