P4- Part - MISTAKES OPPONENTS- Inviting the facists to government PEEA: Finally, it would undoubtedly have been much more difficult for Mussolini to rise to power had he not benefited from the mistakes of his opponents., By late 1921, the Fascists controlled large parts of Italy, and the left had all but collapsed. But, the government did little to combat their lawlessness, both because they lacked political will and because they wanted to see the working-class left completely defeated., Even more astounding, was the decision from Prime Minister Giotti to invite Mussolini in a coalition., This was important in the Facist rise to power because it not only gave Mussolini legitimacy and credibility, but it also gave him direct experience of government., P4- Part2 - MISTAKES OPPONENTS- March on Rome 1922 EEAA+: The King also failed to intervene decisively when Mussolini marched on Rome in 1922., First, he failed to support the imposition of martial law and second, he summoned Mussolini and made him Prime Minister instead., This was a fatal mistake because Mussolini could have been stopped if the King had supported his PM - Mussolini was prepared to back down if the army had been deployed, but instead he was offered the biggest political office in the land., However, even once he’d been made PM, Mussolini still didn’t have a majority in parliament, so could not exercise absolute power., P4- MISTAKES OPPONENTS- PART 3 ACERBO LAW- EAA+: Therefore, he proposed the Acerbo Law where the party that won the most votes in an election would be given two thirds of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies The Liberals supported the Acerbo Law, and the PPI abstained., This meant that at the next election in 1924, the Fascists obtained 66% of the seats, giving them a strong majority to pass any laws they wished., In fact, it turned out that they did not need the Acerbo Law to get into power, though they ramped up their threats and intimidation before the elections and gained 65% of the votes., p4- Part 4- MISTAKES OPPONENTS- Aventine Secession- EEAA+: Perhaps the biggest mistake of all was the ‘Aventine Secession’ after the murder of the Socialist opponent Matteotti by fascist thugs., This was the decision by Liberal, PSI and PPI politicians to walk out of parliament to protest the actions of the Fascists and to pressurise the King into dismissing Mussolini., This is important because it was a gamble that didn't pay off. Mussolini retained the support of the King, and so his position was strengthened., Furthermore, the weakening of his critics in the Chamber made it easier for Mussolini to become an absolute dictator, and by 1926 he had banned all opposition parties.,





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