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This type of weathering happens when plants and animals break up rocks - biological, This happens when another substance sticks sediments together - cementation, This type of weathering happens when acid rain falls onto rocks and reacts with them - chemical, This happens when the weight of sediments above squashes together the sediments below - compaction, When sediments stop moving and settle in one place - deposition, When rocks are broken down and transported away - erosion, A kind of physical weathering where water gets into cracks, turns to ice and expands, making the crack bigger - freeze thaw, This happens when temperature changes, wind or waves break up rocks. - physical, The type of rock made when sediments are compacted or cemented into new rocks. - sedimentary, Small pieces of rock produced by weathering. - sediments, These processes move sediments. - transport, A process that breaks up all types of rock into smaller pieces, called sediments. - weathering, The solid outer layer of the earth, between about 8km and 40km thick. - crust, The type of rock formed when liquid rock cools and freezes. - igneous, Liquid rock on the surface of the earth. - lava, Liquid rock below the ground. - magma, The type of rock formed when heat or pressure change an existing rock. - metamorphic,

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